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My Current Natural Hair Routine

I use the groganics shampoo and conditioner about once a month. For June, I want to be serious with rice water to see how it helps my hair. Yes, I've been natural for a while now and I'm loving my hair. Unfortunately, I don't take pictures like I did before but you'll get to see my length soon. I Ena tti reach a comfortable length before posting pictures. Another product I've been loving is the creme of nature ACV rinse! I recommend this for everyone, especially, relaxed ladies. For naturals, you'll love this when you are in a protective style. My decision to continue with natural hair stems from a bad experience I had with braids again.I love the support I got from my friends when I cut off the damaged hair and allowed it to grow out natural. I'm at a phase in my life where I'm very stable and my decisions come from a place of peace and not necessity. Lastly, I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil every day on my hair and scalp and the Dr. Miracle Temple and …

Cosrx BHA Power Liquid Blackhead Toner Review

Cosrx is a top brand in the beauty industry and I'm glad I got hold of their salicylic acid based toner, the BHA

Your Diet and Acne Treatment

Can we now agree we all need skin care routine? How about working on our skin from the inside? Let's see what we can do about it.

Mizon Night Seruming Ampoule

For the most part of this year, I've been getting my Korean Beauty stash together.The first one was getting an essence toner and I got the Pkung Kang one in a mini bottle. Next was the Son & Park Beauty water and then the Mizon.1. Cleansed with dudu osun soap 2. Applied the Son & Park beauty water and allowed to dry for some minutes.3. Applied Pkung Kang essence toner 4. The mizon5. Granactive retinoid 
I noticed a drastic change in the  feel of my skin! It felt extremely hydrated

The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution

I've basically tried lactic acid and Cosrx BHA power liquid as exfoliating products and I did love the results so I've moved on to glycolic toning solution.This is a 7% solution which is considered a high concentration of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid like the lactic acid but this penetrates deeper. Here's a video of how I Use it.Click Here to watch

5 Exfoliating Techniques

Exfoliating dead skin cells can be the best experience or worst ever depending on how you do it. 1. Scrubs: there are some which target  daily use  but I don't think it's necessary. Too much exfoliating will damage your skin barrier. 2. Exfoliating toners /serums/pad: we've talked about alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid for exfoliating. Some come in pad forms for easier applications as well as carrying them.3. Spin brush: I use the Vanity Planet brush but  I hardly do that now. I may use it occasionally to  exfoliate and this is best for pregnant women. No chemicals! 4. Wash cloth /Towel5. Facial sponge

Chebe Oil Prepoo Treatment

I'm finally able to use a lot of my hair products that have been gathering dust since last year.One of them was the Chebe oil from Hotfro. I love the feel and smell of the oil and for the reason that I couldn't use it on my scalp, I had to let it sit in the corner till now. I applied a generous amount of borage seed oil (from The Ordinary) because I refuse to discard it (I can't use it on my face due to the fishy smell). I followed up with the hotfro chebe oil and covered with a deep conditioning cap.At this point in my journey, I'll be using a heating cap again for prepoo and deep conditioning as that will make washing less stressful. I may also begin the overnight prepoo and deep conditioning methods again. The next move was to get to the salon.

The 60 Seconds Skin Care Rule

The 60 seconds rule regarding washing your face is a great technique that has been used by a lot of skin care addicts. When washing your face, the one trick that can make a lot of difference in your skin is washing for 60 seconds!
Once you apply your facial wash/cleanser/soap, you massage or sweep it around your face for 60 seconds. This allows the cleanser to penetrate the pores and clear the dirt off your skin. All the make up  can also be easily absorbed by your cleansing oil too.
I began doing this technique a few weeks ago and it's definitely helped improve the feel of my skin after cleansing. (check for all skin care products)

The Ordinary Niacinamide Review

I've been using The Ordinary Niacinamide for months now and I still think Niacinamide is one of the best ingredients for our skin.Check my review Here 

Dr. Miracle Temple & Nape Balm Review

The Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape Balm fom the mid part of December till this March has been the go to product for my edges. After eveere damage from cornrows, I began using this. It's been 3 months and I'm very much impressed with my progress.

How To Use Sun Screens or Sunblocks

Every skin care addict will tell you a sunblock or Sun Protection Factor is a must have even if you wear makeup. Whether in a cleaner,  toner or serum form,  you'll have to be diligent in using any of the chemical exfoliating products in your routine. However, these can make your skin very sensitive to the sun hence the need to protect your skin. 
There are different types of sunblocks. The Sun Protection Factor offer different levels of protection. My favourite blogger, Stephen King has an awesome article about sunscreens and why Physical and Chemical doesn't really show the difference between these two. 


My Night Time Skin Care Routine with Cosrx

The Cosrx BHA power liquid toner is my favorite toner after glycolic toning solution.

5 Tips For Chebe Powder Application

1. Clean your hair 
2. Ask for the directions 
3. Stick to the directions 4. Don't mix and match products with it 5. Don't apply on your scalp

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics Review


4 Tips For Growing Natural Hair in Ghana

1. Focus on moisture  productsThe weather here is very dry and your hair needs all the moisture it can get. Your shampoo should infuse moisture into the hair. Pre shampoo treatment aka pre poo with light oils prevent your shampoo from stripping your hair. The deep conditioning process should also boost moisture in your hair. Kindly put that eye treatment somewhere and pay attention to moisture products. The simple test is to read the ingredients and see where the protein is. Anywhere at the top 5 ingredients is a likely hard protein and further down, you get medium and light protein. The light ones are better since your hair needs list bit of boosting once in a while. Your moisturizer should be moisture based and I've found alternating between creamy and liquid moisturizers is  very helpful. 2. Hair type helps: Simple Google to know your hair to guide you select suitable products for your hair. 
3. Read about your hair: After you identify your hair type, read about. Find bloggers a…

Acne Triggers: Hormones & Genetics

There are so many skin conditions out there but pimples get the best of us because it's so visible on our face!For the most part of my life, I've not had issues with pimples. I'm not genetically predisposed to pimples. I've been fortunate to have an amazing skin but I have come to know my acne triggers. Today, I want to draw your attention to hormonal acne. Genetically, you may be predisposed to pimples/acne because you have an overly activate sebum production which  can't be changed. Our DNA make up is what we came into this world with hence, if pimples run in the family, don't let it be the end of your world. By identifying this trigger, you will be able to create a suitable routine for your skin. In addition, seeking medical intervention in this case might be the best first aid in treating your acne. Why? The doctor can prescribe medication to help ie the dermatologist. The unfortunate news is that we don't do dermatologist in this part of the world. We …

The Ordinary Hemi Squalene Oil Review

Here's my review of the Hemi Squalene oil from The Ordinary Click Here to watch. 

Skin Toning and Facial Toners

Toners are meant to function as second step after washing the face. They take off left over oils and dirt. Some have ingredients that exfoliate your skin too. Toners can hydrate your skin and some also prepare your skin or optimize your skin's pH to absorb other nutrients in products. I use four different toners; Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner for hydrtaion, Teiva rose Water hydrating toner, Cosrx Blackhead powder liquid toner and The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution. Each helps to maintain my skin. Therefore, in skin care, toners perform skin toning functions. However, in our part of the world, skin toning has been associated with bleaching. The believe is that there are creams to bring out your colour (I wonder what that means). The truth is that most of these creams contain bleaching agents so be careful in your quest for an even skin tone. Skin toning shouldn't affect your skin colour in a negative way. Focus on lotions and creams that will hydrate and add to…

Country Life Maxi Collagen Review

Collagen is a part and parcel of a lot of women these days and for a good reason. I've tried a couple of brands and this review is the Country Life Maxi Collagen with biotin, vitamin C and A. Check out the full review Here 

Relaxer Update with ORS Olive relaxer

I gave up 3 days ago and touched up; I'm happy I did.With taking Alive gummies, I wanted to wait till Easter period to touch up but I couldn't manage the 2 textures even with constant moisturizing. When you can hold your hair up in a bun, moisture retention is easier and allows less manipulation of your hair. My hairline is back to its healthy state too. I did the touch up with ORS Olive relaxer in the No Lye version. I used a mirror to guide me and the result turned out to be what I wanted. I weighed the option of using a hair dresser against doing it myself but I chose the latter to prevent burns. With such practice, I will be able to do my own touch ups too. It's about being able to section and work fast. Anyways, we will cross that when we have long hair.I see the thickness too and I like it. I know I'll touch up on 1st May looking at the growth I got now from the gummies. I'll be consistent again to get more growth, at least an inch. The reason is to style my …

How To Prepare Rice Water Rinse

Rice water is all about  using what you have in your kitchen to grow your hair. Here's how to prepare rice water rinse to help with Breakage Thickness Shedding Hair growth 

Watch the full video for more information.

Basic Skin Care Tips

Beginning a skin care routine can be a daunting task, especially, when we've grown up to know only using bath soaps. So, how do you start takogk better care of your skin? (one of my customized facial set for a client) Visit or call 0541458372 for one.1. Cleanser / Make up Removers : With either facial wipes, baby wipes, micellar water or cleansing Oils. This removes all make up and also sunscreen. Therefore, be sure to have at least one or two of these down. 
2. Exfoliating: you can begin with a facial scrub like the st. Ives facial scrub or with alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid, glycolic acid or mandelic acid. These remove the dead skin cells, and with salicylic acid, you go beyond that to unclog your pores too. These exfoliating products can also come in the form of serums or toners as seen with The Ordinary products. 3. Toners To provide hydration or exfoliate the skin. The hydrating toners like the Teiva rose Water toner, revamps the moisture you lo…

6 Tips For Chemical Exfoliating

Using Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acids is all about moderation and not expecting magical results in days. To effectively use any of these acids, here are some tips for you. The first tips is to use these exfoliating ingredients once or 2x a week. 2. Personally, I think night time is better as it allows your skin to fully utilize whatever you use without the sun to worry about nor make up. 3.Check the concentration you use. From mandelic to salicylic acid, find what your skin can tolerate. Don't jump on salicylic acid until you've tried at least lactic acid like I did. 4.Always moisturize after exfoliating. The existing literature points to the fact that your skin might be too dry after using them. In addition, some do more harm than good when they are left on the skin like that. 5. Don't use chemical and physical exfoliating products at the same time. Excessive exfoliating will damage your skin. 
6. Use a sunscreen during the day as these ingredients can leave your…

DIY Green Tea Hair Mist

The caffeine in teas have been acclaimed to be effective in controlling excessive shedding hence I decided to make it a part of our hair growth boot camp challenges for 2019.You prepare the tea mist the same way as a rinse except I add oils to the mist. If you can't do the most, the tea rinse is equally effective.Tea You can use green tea, black tea or any tea of your choice. I, usually, advice using 1 tea bag first to make sure your hair loves it before increasing the quantity. I recommend brewing enough mist for 7 days use. Benefits Shedding 

How I am Stretching My Relaxer

I'm 5 weeks post relaxer and new growth with short hair is hard to manage. However, I've found a way to help me stretch to 10 weeks before I get a touch up.The one change has been Co washing during the week. I use whatever conditioner available and leave it in for 5 before rinsing. Within 3 days, my hair becomes dry again so another wash is done.Another change I've made is switching back to tea mist rather along with moisturizer. Moisturizers seem to be still heavy for my hair now so diluting them works best for my hair now. I use a spray bottle to distribute the moisturizer properly.Using the most daily makes a huge difference so that's going to make stretching easier.To use, I use the ORS hairepair vital oils as it's lighter and won't weight down my hair. I really can't wait to wear buns, I'm hoping to hit that goal by July. I'm almost done with the Alive gummies too and will just take my multivitamins with iron in it.  I need 4 inches to reach my…

How I Use The Ordinary vitamin c suspension 23%

The Ordinary vitamin C 23%suspension +HA Spheres is one of the popular products from The Ordinary. It is also notoriously unpopular for the reason that it's gritty texture makes application cumbersome and irritating to the skin too, especially, sensitive skin.I've found different ways to work with thos serum so catch all the full gist in this video Here

My Night Routine With Granactive Retinoid

The Ordinary has retinols and retinoids. Here's what they say about the Granactive Retinoid 5 %:This water-free solution contains a 5% concentration of an advanced retinoid active complex called Granactive Retinoid that has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of aging than retinol without any of the irritation and drawbacks common with retinol. Granactive Retinoid, an active technology from Grant Industries, is a solubilized system of Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, a highly-advanced form of retinoid which is, in fact, a non-prescription ester of all-trans direct retinoic acid that offers a multi-fold better effect against signs of aging than retinol, retinyl palmitate and nearly all other forms of non-prescription retinoid. This product uses next-generation retinoid active technologies which have been shown to achieve better reduction in signs of aging than retinol without irritation. These technologies cannot be compared directly with retinol itself in terms o…

How I Prevent Smelly Braids

For once I'm not using a moisturizer on my braids and dry scalp could be a serious problem for me. I needed something to clean my scalp and keep it hydrated.To still keep the hair moisturized, I used different techniques. Watch the full video Here

3 Ways I Exfoliate My Skin

Just as bathing with a sponge  is to clean skin,  exfoliating the face is key in getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt and unclogging pores.

*The first product I use is a spin brush from vanity planet.  This set has 3 brushes: the daily brush,  the exfoliating brush and the large on is the body brush. The exfoliating brush is too uncomfortable for my skin so I skip using it.  I go for the daily brush.  I use the brush once a week with an exfoliating facial wash or cleanser.

*The thing I use is exfoliating scrub: I use the blackhead scrub from Beauty Formulas 

I use this once in a while to give my skin a break from chemical exfoliating. The maximum use is once a week for me. Anything else will cause irritation on my skin.


Third is The Ordinary glycolic toning acid and Cosrx BHA power liquid toner. I use these maximum of two times a week.

How do you exfoliate?

My Skin Care Routine Using The Ordinary Products

The Ordinary brand is such a simple yet effective solution to skin care problems and I've been experimenting with different products from the brand. I've tried:Lactic acid Marine hyaluronics Granactive retinoid Niacinamide Vitamin C 23% suspensionHemi squalene oil Borage seed oil Glycolic toning solution The spf 15 Looking at the list, it's amazing what a year can do! I've had most of the serums for more than 6 months and it's certainly worth every penny.I don't use the lactic acid anymore but the others feature in my routine all the time, except Borage seed oil which is for my hair. Marine hyaluronics I use this after my toner to hydrate the skin..I follow with either Niacinamide or vitamin C serum. I use the glycolic toning solution about 2x a week after cleansing. Check here  for the reviews of these serums. The Granactive retinoid is a night serum which has anti aging benefitsThe last exfoliating product I want to try is the BHA peeling solution after which…

How To Wash Your Face

This post was inspired by one of my friends who's new to skin care. 1. Wash your hands to get rid of dirt or germs or bacteria. 2. Wet your face to allow easy application of your wash/soap/cleanser. 3. Apply your facial soap or wash or cleanser as directed. Usually, sweeping your face with your wash should last a minute to remove all oils and dirt. 4A.Rinse off your cleanser/wash with water 4B. If you have a facial scrub, follow up with it. 5. Apply your toner whilst your face is still damp. If you are using a medicated toner, still use it at this step. An example is the clear and smooth acne pimple medication. 6. Apply your treatment or moisturizers and SPF.

Quick Morning Skin Care Routine (March)

My skin has been behaving quite well with the exception of a few pimples from taking biotin based hair vitamins, I've not had issues with pimples this year. Even during my cycle, my skin remains relatively clear.What I do is:Cleanse with dudu osun soap Apply Teiva hydrating rose Water toner Apply Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Follow with either Jojoba oil and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Spray moisturizer Once a week, I use the Cosrx BHA power liquid toner as a second step  to exfoliate before moisturizer.On other days, after the hydrating toners, I use The Ordinary Vitamin C 23% suspension.I now use Niacinamide only at night before Granactive retinoid, an anti aging serum.The one challenge I have is been consistent with the night serums so I'm quite conscious of washing my face each night even if I skip bathing (I do that when I take my bath late in the day).For any skin care products, check out or call 0541458372.

Deciem's Hylamide Brand

I can bet that The Ordinary has really been the hype amongst all Deciem's skin care brands but what you may not know is they have what I term 'Semi Nerd' brand called Hylamide and of course the 'Nerd' being the NIOD brand - The Non invasive option to Dermal Science. The science behind Hylamide  isn't so far fetched from The Ordinary. The difference lies in the ingredients being more comprehensive ie whilst The Ordinary tend to have one ingredient product, Hylamide has a combination of different ingredients. Whereas The Ordinary offers steps and directions with each product, Hylamide comes with that and also  with a core regimen. The Hylamide range is split into three categories; the core series, which includes advanced daily treatment products, the booster series, which includes concentrated serums for specialised care, and the finisher series, which includes a next-generation collection of skin-perfecting formulationsHylamide’s Core Series offers a simple, fou…

3 Must Have Skin Care Products

For the most part, a lot of us do have face washes or soaps or cleansers. However, I've come to realize that a lot of us don't use Facial moisturizers for several reasons. *We have oily skin so moisturizers will cause more breakouts *Some think it's not necessary *Others just don't know what to use *Some feel it's too much work Whatever your reason, your skin needs protection and hydration just as your do for your body to prevent early wrinkles. Lack of moisture causes dry skin, dehydrated skin can cause an increase in the oily feeling you have. 1. Moisturizer2. Sunscreen 3. Exfoliating productAs for sunscreens, we tend not to be aware of the damage because of our dark skin. However, sun damage can affect us so we need to protect our skin as much as we can.Lastly, getting rid of dead skin cells and clearing clogged pores is crucial in combating pimples/acne, blemishes and also dark spots can be achieved with exfoliating. Your skin cells are active on a daily basis …