Wash Day With Sheamoisture Yucca and Baobab Shampoo

Upon reflections and meditations, I've realized that perhaps my knotted ends have to do with my current twists. In addition to that, I often get tired of the gruelling  minutes spent detangling so I stop and use either the shampoo and running water to continue the detangling routine. These led me to rethink my regimen and where it will lead me.
I hadn't shampooed in a while so I brought out sheamoisture yucca shampoo (thanks Diana for this gift).

First of all, this shampoo smells like perfume - deliciously sweet! However, it doesn't have the same slip as the coconut and hibiscus shampoo. I topped up with the hello hydration conditioner and two hand full of coconut oil (I'm evaluating this oil in my regimen). I find my hair responding well to grapeseed oil. So, I really spent time detangling the ends which was such a daunting task. I'm happy I want to wear my own hair throughout September (more about that soon). Despite all the efforts to smoothen the ends, they refused to bow down to me Lol. It also came to my notice that indeed I'm working with 2 different textures as my Auntie had said- the crown down to the front and back are a bit looser, the sides are extremely coarse worsened by the dye.

When I was done rinsing out the shampoo using the bucket method, I wrapped a t shirt round the hair to absorb excess water and then I applied Body Butter's crown coil and detangle to deep condition. This has honey as the first ingredient followed by only natural oils. I'll be using this for a while before reviewing it.

I covered the hair with 2 poly bags and continued watching '' The Last Legion ''. After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I used the flow of water to detangle for about 10 minutes. This is the most detangling I've ever done! My ends felts better after that.

I applied keracare humecto( I've used it up and I'm very sad I won't be restocking it yet). I massaged the creme humecto in the hair for several minutes. My hair felt very smooth and soft after rinsing. I t shirt dried the hair for some minutes and applied kinky curly knot today leave in and sealed with afroriri Luxe hair butter.

Then, I did African threading to keep the hair stretched till the next morning. It wasn't really dried the next morning but I wore the hair in its shrunken state to church.



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