Wenaturals Hemp Oil Range First Impression

Hi empresses,
You can't imagine my excitement when Wenaturals decided to send me the full set of their hemp oil when they saw it on my wish list!
I was ecstatic when the delivery man brought the items the same day Wenaturals said they would! That just tells you the awesome customer service they have!
So, image
There is a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, hair butter, and hot oil treatment!
Apart from the sleek package that was part of my reasons for getting interested in the range, I like that you have the products you'll need on your journey in one package! Talk about stress free hair journey.
Alright, so these plus the fact that it is from hemp seed oil ignited the desire to test the range and the wonderful folks at Wenaturals made my day with this gift.
I'll reviewing each product separately to give you a more detailed information.
Get more in the video below
[youtube= https://youtu.be/zcf6sHk7hAg]


  1. Oh cool, you'll be testing them out! I've been thinking of ordering the set myself. Can't wait!

  2. abena9:47 am

    I've now tried it, and the review will be up next week

  3. Wow this is a great post for women, now they also can grow their hair rapidly. I did not see such post ever, and also did not know that HEMP oil also can use for long hair treatment.
    Emma Jasmine


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