Easy Ways To Care For Your Hair As A New Natural

I may not be considered a new natural as I've had two previous experiences with my natural hair. However, it doesn't change the fact that people still give me the same attitude each time. Here's how to cope as a new natural in this our society that has some negative perspectives about being natural.(see my post here and here).

Let your reason for going natural keep you moving on. Listen, it's very tough rocking a TWA out here if you don't dress the part, talk the part and walk the part. When elderly women rock TWA, it's OK yet when a young person like me wears it, then, people raise their eye brows.

I've been through it all and this time, I cared less about it. I did get some even from men but that lasted only a day. You've got to be very confident that your hair will grow back, healthy and strong

These are the easy ways to care for your hair as a new natural.


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