Ayilo/Shile/Kaolin Clay For Your Hair

What is Kaolin clay? Omg! yes, Ayilo/shile for your hair!

You should have seen my face when I made this discovery a few days ago about Ayilo or Shile which is actually kaolin clay!  Some call it white clay.

This clay is the most gentle among clays. It helps clean scalp without drying. It calms inflammation and helps moisturize dry, brittle hair. It improves circulation in the scalp and removes dirt and impurities from the hair follicles which helps strengthens the roots. (source:

It's the type of clay pregnant women  love to eat and we on the healthy hair journey have been missing out on this.
When I was wondering how to get bentonite or rhassoul Clay, I decided to see if we had other clays in Ghana that could be used so I save cash.  It turned out that the kaolin clay is indigenous to us in Ghana.

How To Use:

*Mix a wash by adding warm water to one to three tablespoons of kaolin, depending upon your hair length. The mixture should make a runny paste. Apply to your hair and let stand for one to two minutes before rinsing it out in clean, warm water.
  • Use a strong brew of your favorite herbs or tea instead of water to add some stimulating properties and antioxidants to your rinse.
* Use can create a pre shampoo mask with the clay. Ultimately, you won't shampoo the jair once you use clay mask. You can mix the clay with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and apply to the hair. Leave for about 5 minutes and rinse off and then condition the hair. 

Read more about clay here 


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