Placenta In Your Hair

Placenta or the popular brand, Placentyne leave in treatment has been with us for ages! 
Keratin, which hair is made of, is a strong protein that can break down with sun exposure, wind, pollutants, daily maintenance, manipulation, heat tools, and chemical treatments like permanent color. This is where using protein treatments come in to help temporarily repair the hair strands. Protein treatments are used to add strength and resiliency to damaged hair by attaching hydrolyzed proteins directly to the hair follicle and hardening the cuticle layer. If there are holes in the hair cuticle, it will fill those holes or gaps while also placing a barrier around the hair shaft to lessen further damage. Most protein treatments are conditioning treatments. They can come be a deep conditioner, light, or reconstructor (heavy)
This placenta for hair acts as a protein reconstructor! This means it's a hard protein treatment  and should therefore strengthen your hair. As a protein reconstructor, it means you ought not to use it too frequently. Using it about once a month should be enough. Note that you may have products with protein in them already too. 

 If you want a faster and quicker treatment to infuse protein into your hair, the placentyne product will help. 

Hope this explanation helps you in your hair treatments.
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