How To Use Protective Styles To Grow Longer Hair

In as much as we all want to grow long hair,  we also fail to see that it's not everything that yields positive results and this applies to using protective styles to grow longer hair.

We call some styles protective styles because our ends are protected from the elements and also from damage as a result of manipulation. Weaves,  buns and braids are the most common protective styles. In order to reap the benefits of protective styles to grow your hair long,  use the following tips.

**Moisturize your hair underneath your hair style.  Use a braid spray or your own spritz to keep the hair from drying out.

**Clean your scalp regularly to remove dirt which blocks the pores on the scalp.  Use light oils on the scalp I order not to clog it.

**Don't keep the style in for too long. Now,  what is "long"? That's up to you. Some clean their scalp and wash their braid or weaves regularly hence they are able to go up to 3 months.  You know your hair and what it can tolerate so go overboard with the duration 

**Pay attention to length retention after taking down a hairstyle. If you notice any negative impact such as breakage, then,  that style isn't protective. Others experience less dryness in wigs more than weaves so don't jump on bandwagons without knowing what your hair can take.

** Don't wear styles back to back. Allow your hair to breathe in between styles to allow your scalp recover with any stress. After taking down the hair, allow for at least 2 weeks before another installation. Deep condition your hair and moisturize it to restore moisture and protein.

How do you care for your protective styles?


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