Beautifully Bamboo Tea and Vitamins Review

What is Beautifully Bamboo?

Beautifully Bamboo is one of the most unique products that you will ever encounter. The product harnesses the power and medicinal benefits of bamboo. To make the bamboo edible and easily digestible, Beautifully Bamboo has turned the bamboo into tea. By drinking a number of cups per day, you can enjoy benefits like improved skin tone and texture, cardiovascular support, bone strengths, improved digestion, and less hair shedding.

As the brand explains, Beautifully Bamboo is different because it has silica levels that are higher than almost any other health product on the market. Silica is important for optimal health and when it is consumed through tea, the mineral is easily absorbed into the body and the supplement starts working instantly. In addition, the silica enhances numerous features, such as your hair, nails, and overall health. With a product like Beautifully Bamboo, you can easily improve your health and you certainly do not need to worry about taking additional supplements.

Also, unlike other supplements and substances on the market, Beautifully Bamboo is extensively monitored for quality assurance. The facility that processes the bamboo does so in small batches so that your tea is delicious, fresh, and impactful upon your health.

The Health Benefits of Beautifully Bamboo

Drinking a few cups per day of Beautifully Bamboo tea per day leads to a number of health benefits. These health benefits include:

Improved Digestion

As you get older or consume low-quality food, your digestive tract suffers. Beautifully Bamboo is a convenient solution because it clears the toxins in your digestive tract and ensures that whatever you consume is easily absorbed into the body. This way, you get the most vitamins and minerals out of your diet.

Less Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is extremely common among women with long hair or a poor diet. If you are looking to stop shedding in its tracks, then this bamboo tea is the perfect choice. After a week of drinking multiple cups per day, you will notice a significant reduction in shedding.

Cardiovascular Support

The key to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy heart. The bamboo tea is also designed to strengthen your heart and ensure greater stamina and energy when working out.

A Stronger Immune System

There is nothing worse than a weak immune system, especially when you are trying to improve your health. A weak immune system is an invitation for viruses and bacteria to make you ill. Another benefit of Beautifully Bamboo is that it is known to increase your immunity so that you can protect and improve your health.

Better Skin Texture

Stress, aging, and the environment can have an adverse impact upon your skin. To protect your skin, drinking Bamboo Tea is an excellent solution. The tea’s silica content leads to skin clarity, it prevents blemishes, and it even has anti-aging properties.

As you can tell, Beautifully Bamboo is an excellent solution to many of your health and cosmetic problems. With this tea, you can achieve true results.

In addition to this,  I'm taking the beautifully bamboo vitamins. I'll do it for three months so stay tuned.

The Review of the bamboo tea 

  There are 60 bags of the tea and you drink one a day. You brew like by boiling hot water and putting the tea bag in the water juat as you read your regular tea. The package came with a tea pack( something you put the tea bag in to brew).  There's no thread hanging from the tea like Lipton one. 

Taste : Quite good. It tastes better with honey though! 

Smell: very pleasant

My view

I took the tea alongside the bamboo vitamins. The first change was less brittle nails. When I get acrylic nails done,  I'm always prepared for chipped and weak nails after removal. However, my nails remained strong after removing the acrylic nails. My nails also did not suffer thinning from the acrylics. That is quite a positive effect!

My skin: I do have clear skin so I won't attribute that to the tea. What happens with my skin is that whenever I fail to cleanse it at night,  the texture changes the next day. I observed this for a period of time and realized that cleaning my for twice a day is the best option. For the rest of my body,  that's where I saw major glow! I got asked what I was doing for that and mind you,  I'd been using the same lotion from last year thus the vitamins and the tea can be given the thumbs up for the glow!


Hair growth: I brew about one litre of the tea daily for breakfast. I usually don't take any bread with it; the purpose was to see how I'd feel in terms of energy and I can definitely say it wasn't difficult surviving on the tea alone till lunch! My hair definitely and certainly grew tremendously over the month. Combining the tea and the vitamins was the best and I had optimum growth. Haven found my holy grail,  I'll stick to the tea and vitamins throughout the journey. I have about 7 days worth of vitamin left and I look forward to more growth with this.

Now,  I've been able to get my own hair cornrowed for crotchet braid. That's how much growth I have.

If you'd like to try the vitamins or tea,   pm me on 0502417454


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