3 Hacks For Moisturizing And Sealing

When moisturizing and sealing, one major setback has to do with the type of product you use. In growing your hair, moisture based products don't necessarily pertain to your deep conditioner only. Your shampoo can be moisturizing, your leave in as well as moisturizer can all be moisture based. Over reliance on protein products has been a huge factor in the breakage we usually see.

So, here are my 3 hacks for moisturizing and sealing to ensure your hair stays moisturized for longer periods as well as reduce manipulation of the hair.

1. You can moisturize at night but be sure to cover or protect your hair with a satin cap or silk bonnet. This will allow ample time for the products to penetrate the strands, you will have the patience to apply the products and also ensure that you save time in the morning.

2. Avoid liquid moisturizers in the morning if you don't want damp hair. To be safe, use a very small size spray bottle to apply the water component of your moisturizing and sealing routine. This controls the amount of water that will get into your hair. Creamy and thicker moisturizers dry faster too.

3. Alternate between butters and oils to derive maximum benefits from both. When you use oils, especially, coconut oil, you provide protection from protein loss. However, applying butters like sheabutter actually coat the strands thereby preventing moisture evaporation. This will lead to longer moisturized hair.


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