How To Grow From Thin To Thick Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair care seems to be one complicated journey but when you get the hang of it, you'll be so relieved. Why does relaxed hair get thin easily? A case in point is my own struggles with thin relaxed hair. The few lessons I've kept in my pocket this time around are :

1. Trim regularly. Have a schedule to get rid of the thin ends. I plan to trim every touch up. That's approximately every 12 weeks. I've learnt from so many setbacks that I'm bent on getting it right this time.

2. Longer stretches. A major problem I've had for the past two years and not going beyond 6 weeks. That thinned my hair out like crazy. This time, regardless of the short length, I'm surely going for nothing below 12 weeks. The ultimate stretching is 16 weeks so 12 weeks is a good starting point. There are some who advised starting off gradually with 8 weeks but that's what set me back. You get comfortable with the 8 weeks and moving beyond that it's a challenge. Therefore, 12 weeks is by hook or crook Lol.

3. Avoid wearing your hair down your shoulders too often. The rubbing off on the shoulder damages the ends and thins it out eventually as it becomes weaker.

4. Neutralize your hair after every relaxer application to stop the relaxer from processing. I'm guilty of this if I don't use a box cream. I wait till the next wash to neutralize, a bad habit I picked up last year or so. Prior to that I had my own neutralising shampoo so I'm getting that down again before next touch up.

These are the few things about getting thin relaxed hair to be thicker.
What is your secret for thick hair?


  1. What is neutralise?

  2. 1. Use protective styling.
    2. Moisturize daily so you can retain length.
    3. Take vitamins

  3. What are some of the protective styles


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