My Skin Care Routine Using The Ordinary Products

The Ordinary brand is such a simple yet effective solution to skin care problems and I've been experimenting with different products from the brand. 

I've tried:

Lactic acid 

Marine hyaluronics 

Granactive retinoid 


Vitamin C 23% suspension

Hemi squalene oil 

Borage seed oil 

Glycolic toning solution 

The spf 15 

Looking at the list, it's amazing what a year can do! I've had most of the serums for more than 6 months and it's certainly worth every penny.

I don't use the lactic acid anymore but the others feature in my routine all the time, except Borage seed oil which is for my hair. 

Marine hyaluronics 

I use this after my toner to hydrate the skin..

I follow with either Niacinamide or vitamin C serum. 

I use the glycolic toning solution about 2x a week after cleansing. Check here  for the reviews of these serums. 

The Granactive retinoid is a night serum which has anti aging benefits

The last exfoliating product I want to try is the BHA peeling solution after which I'll move on to more of oils. 

In addition, I'll be trying the Azelaic acid, Ascorbic acid with alpha arbutin, the retinol 1% and a couple of the antioxidants too.

Stay tuned for more skin care updates. 


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