6 Tips For Chemical Exfoliating

Using Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acids is all about moderation and not expecting magical results in days. To effectively use any of these acids, here are some tips for you. 

The first tips is to use these exfoliating ingredients once or 2x a week. 

2. Personally, I think night time is better as it allows your skin to fully utilize whatever you use without the sun to worry about nor make up. 

3.Check the concentration you use. From mandelic to salicylic acid, find what your skin can tolerate. Don't jump on salicylic acid until you've tried at least lactic acid like I did. 

4.Always moisturize after exfoliating. The existing literature points to the fact that your skin might be too dry after using them. In addition, some do more harm than good when they are left on the skin like that. 

5. Don't use chemical and physical exfoliating products at the same time. Excessive exfoliating will damage your skin. 

6. Use a sunscreen during the day as these ingredients can leave your skin sensitive to sunlight. 


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