Ways To Use Rose Water In Your Hair

1. The easiest is as a hair mist: First, spray into the hair during the day to rehydrate your hair. This replenishes the moisture in the hair. 

2. You can also use it at night before covering your hair with bonnet as a final step. 

2. For leave in conditioner after wash: You can equally use rose water as a leave in conditioner. Follow with a butter for  better sealing. 

3. Scalp tonic: Add a few drops of essential oils to your rose water and spray on your scalp regularly. It soothes the scalp, helps to promote growth and also works for those with dry and itchy scalp. 
4. Lastly, you can use rose water in your herbal teas or Ayurvedic herbal masks. You could also use the rose powder as a hair mask! 


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