How To: Prepare Amla And Brahmi Treatment

Phyllanthus emblica (syn. Emblica officinalis), the Indian gooseberry, or aamla from Sanskrit amalika, is a deciduous tree of the Phyllanthaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name.Ayurveda practitioners use amla oil for its conditioning benefits and pigments.

Benefits of Amla Oil
Apply the oil to your hair after shampoo.
*Restore shine and soften hair texture with daily application of amla oil.
*Those with oily hair should apply the oil only twice per week to limit oil build-up.
*Decrease the effects of harsh shampoos by adding amla oil to the shampoo or applying to your hair prior to shampoo. Several commercial shampoos and conditioners contain amla oil.

*Apply amla oil to the scalp to combat dandruff or soothe an inflamed scalp. The vitamin C present in amla acts as an anti-inflammatory.
*Apply nightly if you suffer from a chronically itchy or sore scalp. Massage the oil into your scalp using circular patterns. (

Amla Powder
It is said to penetrate the scalp and strengthen hair at its root, stop and reverse abnormal hair loss and to in general to promote stronger, healthier new growth.

How To Use Amla Powder from
½ cup amla powder
Small bowl
¼ cup warm water
Plastic shower cap
Step 1
Scoop ½ cup of amla powder into a small bowl. Add ¼ cup of warm water to the amla powder in the bowl.
Step 2
Stir the amla powder and water using a whisk to combine the two ingredients. The amla powder and water mixture should form a thin paste.
Step 3
Apply the amla powder to your hair while it is dry. Scoop the amla from the bowl using your fingertips.
Step 4
Massage the amla powder paste into your scalp and hair roots using circular motions. Apply the amla powder to your hair ends afterward.
Step 5
Pile your hair on top of your head and slip on a plastic shower cap. Leave the amla paste on your hair for 15 to 30 minutes.
Step 6
Remove the plastic cap after the waiting period. Rinse the amla powder from your hair until the water runs clear. Shampoo and style your hair as usual.
Caution: Give your hair an amla powder treatment every two weeks. If the amla powder paste is too thick, add water slowly to thin it out.
Rinse the amla powder immediately if your skin begins to burn or show signs of irritation. This could be the sign of an allergic reaction. If burning or redness continues, seek medical attention immediately.

Brahmi Powder
Brahmi Powder and Brahmi oil are made from the ingredients of Brahmi plant. It is creeping plant that originates in India including the North Eastern region.
*Rejuvenates and Promotes Thicker Hair.
*Stronger hair roots
*Cools the scalp and induces sound sleep
*Makes hair long, dark, dense & lustrous
*Controls dandruff
How to Use Brahmi Powder
*Combine Brahmi Powder with water to make a thin paste.
*Apply the paste on the scalp in appropriate consistency.
*Put the paste on scalp for one hour. Now wash your scalp carefully by water. Brahmi Powder is best used in mixture with amla, shikakai, aritha, neem, bhringraj and tulsi powder. When you apply this powder in combination then steep all of the herbs in water before using it.
Caution: For hair care concerns, brahmi is best used in combination with amla, bhringraj, shikakai, tulsi, and/or neem powders to provide not only stronger roots, but also thicker hair and relief from itchy scalps. 

Brahmi Oil
Brahmi Oil can be supplementary to hair treatments counting conditioners, and shampoos also. Scalp massages with Brahmi Oil are the way to integrate this Ayurvedic Oil into routine hair care.
  1. Use warm Brahmi Oil to the roots of the hair.
  2. Massage smoothly to arouse and refresh the scalp.
  3. Exercise it regularly may help to reduce minor insomnia.
  4. If you daily use this pure oil in your hair, then hair would grow to be silky and the hair would turn out to be thick and black.
  5. It  feeds the scalp along with the hair and make the scalp cool.
Here are some tutorials on Amla and Brahmi treatment by DiscoveringNatural  and  watchfuleye2008

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