Caring For Relaxed Hair In Harmattan

I was thinking of the stares I get from some people each time they see my hair daily whilst they are in braids and weaves because of the harmattan. It occurred to me that it's possible my empresses may also be wondering how I'm dealling with my own hair in this dreaded season.

I learnt not to fear this season because there are ladies abroad who wear their own hair during the winter, which is far worse than our harmattan yet don't suffer any setbacks. Regardless of any protective style, if certain things are not done to the hair, you'll still experience major breakage. What I  picked from my blogger friends is their winter hair routine, which basically focuses on moisture and protecting the ends. Applying these things, I haven't had any major shedding nor breakage that usually comes with the harmattan and I don't foresee that problem. What I have been doing is:
  1. Co-washing and instant deep conditioner every Tuesday or using moisturizing conditioner only eg Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner and Optimum conditioner
  2. Pre poo before washing with sheabeutimia hair serum and sheabutter (awesome combo)
  3. More moisture based deep conditioner during wash where I use Queen Helene Cholesterol. I'll use protein at the end of the month.
  4. Moisturizing and sealing morning and night every day. This point is vital because the hot sun depletes the moisture content during the day so I replenish with the night routine. Doing this has worked wonders on the hair and even when the season is over, I'll continue to do this. I, first, divide the hair into four sections, apply a drop of S-Curl on each section, add a drop of Dark and Lovely anti breakage moisturizer, a drop of my oil mix and finally, with sheabutter. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.
  5. Sleeping with shower cap, which traps in the heat keeping the hair moisturized
  6. Bunning to protect the ends thus, my ends don't rub my collars and against sweat. I'm enjoying the hair free time so much
God bless you for your support!

What are you doing to your hair?


  1. I also co-wash at least once a week: it really helps!

  2. Bassey Akan11:06 am

    Awesome tips. I notice a lot of people tend to oil their hair more during harmattan to combat the dryness which is good but it is also important to wet it (water is the ultimate moisturizer!). So like you I have been co washing weekly and I just love how my hair looks and feels.

  3. ghanaianemprezz7:29 pm

    I totally agree with your comment! Moisture and more moisture is the key!

  4. Nice post! Baggying really does help with moisturising i do it too!


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