20 Tips For First Time Pregnant Women

This is something first time pregnant women ask me as a first time mom. Am going to share what I've learned so far.

1)Buy few newborn clothes. I purchased only 4 jasmine dresses and three 0-3 months onesies. (Cat suit/overall). Your baby might be too big for the newborns. Then 3 pieces of 3-6 months size. This is enough to use for the first few days you may not be able to go out. My baby used the newborn overalls for only a few days and we switched to the 3-6 months size. He still wears the jasmine on hot days.
2) Buy as many baby wipes as possible even if you want to use cloth diaper. I've come to love supa santi wipes. I used up a pack within 2 weeks.

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