Difference Between Prepoo and Hot Oil Treatment

[1]The difference between Prepoo with oil and hot Oil Treatment? To me, the basic difference is that prepoo with oil is done before shampooing whereas hot oil treatment can be done any time without necessarily having to wash the hair.

[2]How do I  protect previously relaxed hair before relaxing? I use either sheabutter or my oil mix. I use roux porosity control conditioner when I have it. You can also use regular vaseline to protect the scalp and the already relaxed hair.

[3] What is your favourite moisturizer? So far, the African pride olive miracle anti breakage moisturizer lotion.

[4] Why do you use a sulfate free shampoo? I was curious to know how it will reduce dryness considering the absence of sulphates which dry out the hair.


  1. Lawrencia8:47 pm

    I kinda feel like prepoo and hot oil treatment are the same because some people use their prepoo as hot oil treatment...my view

  2. nana baffoe12:32 pm

    i also think prepoo is wen u use an oil or oils or conditioner before shampooing the hair whiles hot oil can be done as a prepoo and also done without washing the hair


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