Coffee Rinses For Hair Growth

One of the ways I curbed shedding was using black tea but that wasn't at peace with my hair therefore I switched to coffee which had no hardening effect after and later I discovered  coffee rinses for hair growth too.

I'm incorporating coffee rinses again but not just to prevent shedding.  Caffeine is known to promote hair growth so I'm aiming at killing two birds with one stone.

The good thing about coffee too is that  I don't need to brew it with hot water. The one we have easily dissolves in cold water too so it will be easy adding it to my wash days. Actually,  I've already done one rinse already and the focus was on the hair line. I poured the rinse particularly at the hairline.

I can't measure the impact but as long as I notice less shedding  and the hairline filling in,  it's OK.

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  1. Very educative but no details on how it's done

  2. Thank you for the information, but how is it done please... More details please.


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