Removing Make Up With Oil

I don't have a make up remover because I wasn't keen on one until I began wearing make up daily. Now,  before I pick up one,  I still need to improvise so I use opted for removing make up with oil. How does that work?


I pour the oil on a cotton shirt or micro fibre towel and use it to clean the face. The oil sticks to the make up thereby removing it from the face. Just as oil and water do not mix, the oil on the face doesn't cake there Lol.

I follow up with my homemade facial scrub,  witch hazel and acne  treatment. My facial scrub is a homemade one too until I find time to go to the drugstore to pick up one of my favourite scrubs.

As we celebrate the season of resurrection, let's remember to remove our make up before retiring to bed.

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