How to do the Inversion Method #2

I'll go over how to do the inversion method for the sake of those visiting for the first time or hearing about this hair growth technique for the first time. This technique is aimed at growing one inch of hair in 7 days. You do it continuously for a week, once in a month. Pregnant women are not advised to do this method. There are other categories of people prohibited from doing the inversion method for hair growth so do read on it before doing it. If you doubt your condition, google it and see the suitability of the inversion method for you.

I nearly skipped today's inversion method because of a headache but the Scalp Massage really helped. All you need is your natural oil and a timer. Some advice you warm the oil, enough to dip your hair into it and not be scalded. This met

I set the timer to 4 minutes after applying oil on the Scalp. I began to massage as the head was tilted forward for the inversion.

Inversion Method : 3 Benefits

Inversion Challenge 24th November-1st December!

Inversion Challenge Day 1

When time was up,  I slowly lifted my head up. My head feels light and I love that.

How's yours?

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