Hair Vitamins Won't Give You Healthy Hair

Lately,  hair vitamins have become a go-to  for ladies on a healthy hair journey with the assumption that  these vitamins will give them the healthy hair they want.

Let me bust your bubble and point it out that  taking mane choice,  hairfinity, nature's bounty or whatever vitamins won't give you healthy hair. What will give you a healthy hair is a proper hair routine/regimen as well as shampoo,  conditioner,  leave in and oils.

These hair vitamins only aim at increasing hair growth; what's the use of getting growth only for the hair to break off due to improper hair care habits.

The same thing applies to using Jamaican Black Castor Oil In the hopes that your hair will be healthy overnight.


These oils won't work if all you do is continue treating your hair in the old ways. Get a hair regimen and use the  hair vitamins to supplement your efforts.

I don't depend on theses growth  aids to get strong and healthy hair; I use hair products and techniques daily and weekly to grow this hair.


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