How To: Use Essential Oils

I have about two essential oils- tea tree oil and peppermint oil. I use these cautiously as I'm not a fan of tingling sensation from products.

1. For now, I use it in my oil mixes. I recently added a few more drops as I've since added more oils to it. 

Do I notice growth with these essential oils? I do. That's the reason why I added them to the oil mix. As for the sealing oil, I'd rather not do that to prevent all week tingling Lol. 

2. The other way I wish I could use the essential oils is in my deep conditioner but the issue is I wouldn't want anything getting into my eyes especially with the burning sensation associated with these essential oils. 
3. For scalp tonic: Add a few drops of your essential oils to water and spray on your scalp. This soothes the scalp, promotes growth as well thickness. It also helps to heal your scalp! 

4. Add to your pre shampoo treatments! A few drops in your prepoo masque, oil or clay treatment also works. Because you'll wash off,  take extra care when rinsing your hair. 

How do you use your essential oils?


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