How To Use Chebe Powder and Oil On Relaxed Hair

In case you have relaxed hair and wondering if you can use chebe powder the answer is a yes.

All you need is to be able to plait your hair or twist up. You can also use cornrows.
To prepare the chebe mixture, add a few tablespoon full to a creamy product. I usually recommend your moisturizer or butter for a good hold.

Shampoo and condition your hair well and apply the chebe mixture. Plait up the hair and leave it for at least 7 days before reapplying the chebe mixture.

When you are ready to wash out, which could be in a month or whenever you want, just shampoo the hair and condition as usual.

You can use the mixture again for another couple of weeks.

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  1. Can one perm the hair again after using chebe powder for some time.

    1. Off course yes you can apply only on the new growth

  2. How much is the Chebe powder?

  3. Pls how does one use the hair spray? Can I spray on my hair everyday?

  4. Can I use the powder immediately I relax my hair

    1. I relax my hair yesterday. I brought the chebe product today so can I just mix the chebe powder and the oil today and put it on my hair?

  5. Can I use this powder when I had relaxed my six years ago


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