Wash Day At The Salon #4 Protein Deep Conditioning

Protein deep conditioning is popularly called protein treatment. They are deep conditioners with protein to help strengthen the hair.

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There are 2 types of protein deep conditioners.
The Hard Protein is done once every 6 months and some people use egg for that (stop doing the weekly egg treatment to prevent protein overload which will make your hair hard and cause severe breakage).
These are very strong and are usually in the first five ingredients on the package. Eg keratin.

The medium to light protein deep conditioners usually have protein ingredient in the middle or bottom of the ingredient list. Eg hydrolyzed silk.

The steps .

1. Shampoo the hair and rinse out
2. Apply the hard protein and leave it as directed. Rinse out .
3. Follow with moisture deep conditioner else your hair will feel hard!
4. Rinse out and apply leave in conditioner and roller set .

If you use a medium or light protein, you don't have to use a moisture deep conditioner.

Note: some shampoos and leave in conditioners contain protein so check the ingredients before doing hard protein. Your hair might not need it.


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