Wash Day for Week 1 February, 2020

I'm going to be more detailed in this wash to help you understand how I wash my hair. This will be a series so stay tuned.

To wash, I use any shampoo available. I have hotfro shampoo and groganics shampoo I alternate. I use one shampoo per week as a first step to wash my hair either home or at the salon.  Assuming you are using any of these, the Doo gro tingling shampoo will be step 1 
Step. 2. After rinsing off the shampoo, I follow up with the hotfro conditioner or groganics conditioner and leave for 1 minute and rinse out. 

Step 3. At this point, I apply the hotfro leave in conditioner (Red label) or if I have mega growth leave in conditioner, I use that. If I have Hawaiian Silky moisturizer, I use that or S curl No Drip moisturizer or the mega growth anti breakage strengthener. I like to add the amla oil at this point or the hotfro oil mix before the rollers are done.

Step 4. I don't use any oil in the hair again after it is dry. I use a hair pomade on the scalp, here, it can be the kings pomade or the Sulphur oil or Jamaican black castor oil.

That's how I do my normal, weekly Wash

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  1. In one of your past post, you did a herbal rinse, can you talk more about that...


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