Have You Traveled? Hair Care Tips For A New Environment

 This post is relevant for those who have lived in this part of the world and are relocating or have relocated to colder climates. 

First, before traveling, get a long term protective style like weave on or braids. These can last for about 3 months as you settle in. 

Two. Don't worry about brands when you get there. There is a misconception that Caucasian products especially, hair products won't work for our hair  type and that's not true. Hair is hair, especially with relaxed hair. Because they have straight hair for the most part, you'll do much good if you focus on the products and what they can offer. For example, I've noticed that a lot the brands focus on damaged hair and repairing it hence you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of these products, especially if you have relaxed hair. Since some tend to straighten their hair often, a lot of oils and leave in products are available at your disposal because chemically treated hair and flat ironed hair have a lot in common.

Schwarkopf is such a popular brand so if you aren't still convinced to use any of the 'European' brands, try it. They have a lot of products to choose from too. 

Three: Find a salon as soon as you get there plus their charges. If you have to keep braiding or weaving for even up to a year, do so. You'll be acclimatised within a year so it will be easier to get your relaxer done at that point. You don't need to go natural when you have plans of going overseas. Just know your hair care routine. 

Four: Make use of dry shampoos. This will prolong your wash intervals and also allow you to have the freedom to scout for a good salon. 

Five: You should also pay attention to your supplements as they will be dietary changes. Adding supplements will support your health as well as boost your immune system as your body adjusts to the change in weather. Seven seas code liver oil, Omega 3 fatty acids and all the vitamins you can get will be good for you. 

Lastly, due to dietary changes, it's better to incorporate more fruits and protein in your daily routine when you switch environment. When I found myself meat free, I made do with tofu. If you find it difficult eating new foods, stick with familiar ones to allow your body also make the changes. Taste is acquired, you know.  Your protein intake wilk support iron levels which then gives your hair the needed strengthening. 

I'll be doing a part two of this so stay tuned. 


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