Journey To Waist Length Year 2

It's been a year already since the kart big chop and the progress has been quite impressive too.

At 8 weeks post relaxer, my new growth was extremely thick and heavy too. However, I was tired of dealing with it hence decided to relax it. This decision probably didn’t work out well at the end though.

First, I made a couple of mistakes but let’s recap the process. 

When she applied the relaxer, I should have allowed her to comb through the hair for a while since the new growth was thick and the Jamaican black castor relaxer is quite mild. 

After about 5 minutes, we rinsed out the relaxer and I noticed there were portions of under processed hair!

We proceeded to use the ORS aloe creamy shampoo to neutralize the hair and then applied the neutral conditioner from wave Nouveau. I then also conditioned for about five minutes under the dryer with the Jo Naturals Christmas hair growth bundle. 

After 6 weeks, I did a corrective relaxer which went pretty well. My hair is back in kinky twist extensions and that’s most likely going to be how I’ll keep my hair for the rest of the year. I plan to keep stretching for a while and keep an eye on breakage too.  The goal is to hit armpit length or collar bone length this year. 

I have been taking biotin and zincovit supplement to boost hair growth as well as thickness. The Natrol fast dissolve really surprised me since I expected it to be gummies but it’s actually chewable tablet like vitamin c . It’s not too delicious hence perfect for me. 5000 mcg is quite high but I haven’t had breakout which has really surprised me. I stopped  taking any biotin above 2500mcg due to acne breakout. It’s 250 tablets that’s going to last for months! I already have plans to repurchase as soon as possible so I don’t run out! The next supplement I’ll try is the Viviscal hair vitamins as well as some new brands. 

I’ve gone back to washing my own hair which has helped my hair make a drastic comeback in terms of moisture. In addition to this, I’ve changed the wash products and that have also contributed to the improved texture and moisture levels. 


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