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What To Do Before You Get A Weave On

What do you do before you get a weave on? I'm answering more questions that pop up every now and then as someone who dabbles in extensions a lot. Here are my tips for you. **Chelate or Clarify your hair before you weave up. Getting rid of build up on the scalp and hair will ensure that you don't have itchy scalp within days of installation. When you allow your dirty hair to be braided, you are only creating a breeding ground for bacteria too. ***Do a protein treatment whether mild, medium or hard. This strengthens your hair for the tension from the cornrow beneath the weave. Also, you give the hair the nourishment you can't provide when it's weaved up. Even if you wash your weave and the hair under the weave, the products won't penetrate as much as when your hair is lose. ***Get a braid spray or make your own. This is to keep your hair moisturized under the weave. It's better to have it on hand prior to getting the weave so you can start the moisturizing process

4 Tips For Successful Detangling

To have a successful detangling section is the dream of every lady on a healthy hair journey and in this post, I share 4 tips for successful detangling. Select your detangling method. This could be dry or wet detangling, finger or comb detangling or a combination of some or all of these methods. At each stage of your hair growth, one or more methods may be better to accomplish a successful detangling process. Dry Finger detangling involves removing the knots, shed hair and tangles prior to the application of any product, especially, before shampoo. It is done with the aid of oil or slightly damp hair. Wet detangling as the name suggests involves the use of a detangling product such as conditioner. It may also involve detangling under running water. You may choose to use only your fingers or a comb in any of these methods. You can also combine both. Select Products ahead of time: For Dry Finger detangling, the major products you will need are oils of which coconut oil is key. You will n