The History of Black /African Hair(It's not just Hair)

In my endeavour to discover and find out the history of African Hair, I found this video by Onxlsis.
She talks of the significance of African hair, which dates back to many centuries and its linkage to African spiritually and ethnic identity. She explains that Africans in Sub-saharan Africa embodied hair in their various rites of passage, in the intricate designs and pattrens found on wooden crafts, in caves etc.

She further explains how the cutting of a child baby's hair is viewed as a ritual.In addition, she talks about ancient wigs and extensions not being a product of white colonial rule since long before colonialism, wigs and extensions were used to obtain a different African hair style which defied real hair capabilities.

Onxlsis argues that the common notion that Locks originated from Rastafai an Jamaica is untrue. But goes on to say that credit should be given to the Rastafari for reintroducing it to diaspora .

This video is so deep and I feel very embarrassed not to know this great significant history of hair since I am born and bred pure blooded African. What happend to history of our culture and identity?

Anyway, I am glad I have the oppurtunity to find my true identity. I will endeavour to find out more and keep you informed. Thank you Onxlsis!!!


  1. am

    I agree we all should know about our own culture, history and identity so that we can understand better than others and makes them understand about us :)

    1. I couldn't agree more.I learnt so much about myself in less than 15 mins.

  2. very good information, thanks abena

    1. the post is actually by me-Thanks anyway!!!


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