Hair Confessions!!

It's been one year and four months since I embarked on this hair journey and I must tell you, it's been full of ups, downs, surprises, joy and unpredictable results.  Let me open up some hidden thoughts.

  • I am not a product junkie not because I can control myself but due to several reasons. I always read everything into details before I take a step. There are products I'd love to try but my doubtful personality prohibits me. Secondly, my budget is always too tight to include testing out products, especially, as I was in school and would rather spend on other stuff. Now, am out of school and into the working force so I may make adjustments for more hair products.
  • I love to read more than write; I always want to read other blogs but when it comes to writing a post, it takes me ages to write. I have the stuff I'd love to share concerning my hair but loads of words is not my style. You'll find most of my write-ups to be very short. The same applies to my text messages and e-mails.
  • I hate dealing with my hair on a daily basis but because I can't braid, I wear ponytails in order to avoid  handling it each morning. I love to have protective styles for a long period of time yet, ironically, I tend to miss my hair in a matter of days. As I write this, I, honestly, miss my hair!
  • I have hair inspirations but I don't idolize anyone's hair. Call me religious but there is a difference between the word "idol" and "inspiration".
  • I'd love to get some highlights in my hair;say bronze colour but am always hesitant because I worry about what people will think. 
  • I love long hair but I adoreeeeeeeeeeee short hair! There's something so sexy about short hair.


  1. It's good to know what you want and what you don't. I babble by nature but I cannot watch most youtube videos. I have the attention span of a four year old on cupcakes and ice cream. Reading I can take my time with, videos I hear folks talking and want to watch a cartoon. And I don't even have a hair inspiration yet I just finally know where I think I want my hair to get lol.

    1. I do watch youtube videos and I've subscribed to a lot of them but what I won't do is watch a 30 minutes tutorial video full of talking for the most part without really teaching the how-to.


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