So I one of my best friends asked me if I had heard the Uncle Obama song and I finally heard it this weekend and I was like OMG!!!
In the video Sister Deborah goes to the market and saw a guy selling banana and asked if she could buy for her monkey and it goes on on and on...

But the truth is I have mixed feelings about the video, whilst it made me laugh seeing a brother One Love Kubolo and a sister do their thing, it also made me think about the several interpretations the song could have.

At the time I watched the video on Saturday, 20 October 2012, it had recorded  376,733 views, 1277 likes and 832 dislikes. I have no doubt that the numbers would have been more if most Africans had access to internet services which could facilitate online video viewing.

It also seems to have stirred up some international controversy about since it’s an election year for the United States with President Obama fighting desparately to maintain his seat. Sister Deborah was actually featured on CNN explaining that says the video is not about Obama and blah blah blah...
A video response to this from DaGreat Kwame.

So Kwame, would you want her to sing about President Mahama, who cares about Mahama? , Who even knows where Ghana is located? I mean singing about Obama got her to CNN, where would have Mahama gotten her? Aljazzerra?
Why would you be upset because the song doesn’t make sense? The song makes sense papa!!! It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out at first glance what the song is about. I mean, the video portrays ladies dancing and making physical demonstrations with their fists .Wat the heck is anyone supposed to think ( A guy with a banana to put in her monkey?) ?Oh!!! And Apparently, Sex sells. But, then again several connotations, meanings, interpretations can be associated with the metaphor “Uncle Obama’s Banana”.

Ghanaians have adopted Obama as if he was Ghanaian and it’s so evident all around us. Believe it or not,theres Obama Hotel, Obama Technical School,Obama Guest House,Obama drinking Spot, Obama this Obama that, I even have an arsenal jersey with Obama 1 Girl written at the back.

So my friends,What ever Uncle Obama means to you is a personal opinion and you know you are entitlted to it!!!Long live GH Music!!!!


  1. i really really really despise this song tho not all the dude says about gh music is true, there are musicians that have got talent, yes its true not everyone can sing the same probably it wld have been different if someone else was made to sing the lyrics or put another beat on it! i like Deborah but this song.... NO!

  2. Annette,I think I get it now,You mean that its that fact that a cool chick like debbie is singing this kind of song?. For me I have a love hate relationship with the song,I like the beats,the video makes me laugh but the content based on what I think it means is what you wouldnt catch me singing).

  3. like brother like sister...


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