One of my favorite past times is travelling in and around Ghana, discovering the larger universe for myself. And this weekend thanks to our Muslim brothers, we had a public holiday on Friday. I took the opportunity to visit my best friend who had been posted to Cape Coast for her national service. I boarded a Ford bus from Kaneshie which cost 9 cedis because it is more comfortable and faster than the Metro Mass and Yutong buses which were 4.50   pesewas and 7 cedis respectively. It takes approximately 2 hours to Cape Coast from Accra without traffic. It,however, took me 30 minutes more because we had to stop at Mankessim Junction because a passenger had to attend natures call (Eii, Nsem wo World!!!)

Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast, or Cabo Corso, is a large town and the capital of Cape Coast Metropolitan District and Central Region of Akanland, Ghana, and is also the main settlement of the Fante (Fanti) people, or (Mfantsefo). Cape Coast is situated on it's south to the Gulf of Guinea. From the 16th century the town has changed hands between the British, the Portugese, the Swedish, the Danish and the Dutch. The town's Fante name is Oguaa.

In my bid to explore the night life of the “Capetians’’ as I call them we made a few call around as I was curious to find out what the students of the university of cape coast and youth did at night. We discovered a live band musical at the Goil filling station with great tunes from the oldies, hiplife, highlife etc. The food and drinks were however expensive.

The next day, we visited a friend who lived close to the sea but the shore was rocky so we had to look for a beach elsewhere. We got to Elmina hotel but they only had  a pool so we took a long 30 minute walk into the town of Elmina. Unfortunately, the pleasant walk by the sea was dispelled by the pungent smell of feaces mixed with rubbish and saline water-it seems the people dumped every form of waste in the sea and the shore. I had to hold my nose the entire time.

We passed by several old buildings which had colonial architecture ,the old bridge house, the Elmina Castle (I have been to the castle 4 times already) and picked a taxi to the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel .

 At the beach we just laid there in the sand in our swimsuits with our backs to the ocean and chattered away with the occasional water that would wash our feet as neither of us knew how to swim. Suddenly, we were taken of balance when a powerful wave rushed up against us and submerged us in the water. I ended up having sand I my hair and got up only to see the security man laughing hard at us. I couldn’t help but join in the laughter as I watched my best friend try to retrieve her shawl which the sea had claimed without being carried away herself.

That night, we went to apparently what was the best pizza joint in town at a place called sizzlers-in short, the pizza was horrible and expensive .Can you imagine that it cost 23 cedis for a large size pizza which looked like a medium? In spite of that people seemed to be having a good time in what seemed like an open air club as people danced to the tune of Azonto music.

Cape Coast is awesome place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Accra.It has a rich history ,amazing people and beautiful senery.

So guys whenever u decide to visit Cape Coast, remember to bring your bathing suits, camera , bug spray and a lot of money to spend. Enjoy!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip.

    1. Yes I did,come to Ghana and experience the beauty ,history and culture !!!


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