Heating Deep Conditioners To Enhance Effectiveness

So, this is what I've learnt from JC of TheNaturalHavenBloom-that you can heat your conditioner ie deep conditioner. 
She recommends the water bath method. To do this, take a glass container or a heat resistant plastic container. Put the conditioner you are going to use into it. Never heat up the whole conditioner bottle since you will affect the preservatives.
Run your hot water tap until the water is hot, plug the sink and place your container in it (don't overfill the sink, leave enough space to be able to use your fingers to remove the bowl and don't let water get into your container). Give it 5-10 minutes, stir make sure the conditioner feels only warm to the touch, not hot. If it is too hot, leave it to cool, if it is too cold, place it back in the hot water. 

All you will need to do after that is apply the warm conditioner to your hair and then cover with a plastic cap and follow with a towel to keep in the heat. 35°C is approximately skin surface temperature so maintaining the heat from the conditioner is easily done using your own body.
Someone asked about protein and here's the answer:

Proteins can change due to heat (denatured is the science term). This does normally start happening at around 40°C. If you are using something like egg or mayonnaise (meaning real egg or real mayonnaise) then heat is probably best avoided as you can cook the protein and that would be difficult to get rid of.

However with nearly all commercial hair conditioners, the proteins used are hydrolysed proteins. These are actually broken up segments of a protein so it is already well beyond denatured. The small segments make it easy to attach and penetrate into hair. Using heat in general is beneficial for protein conditioning with a commercial product.
I'll surely be incorporating this into my routine.

Read the whole article on Time and Temperature for deep conditioning at Thenaturalhavenbloom.com.




  1. Definitely learnt something new! Will try out this method to see how it goes for me.

    1. hope to get your feedback on it. Cos of my weave, I'll have to wait.


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