How To: Curl Using Gel

As far as my hair journey is concerned, my hair has NEVER been this healthy and because I love it now, I venture out into hair styles that I haven't bothered to do. I bought some gel to slick down my edges. Then, I thought of using it as a hold for twists in order to have some curls. I got this idea from my previous attempts without using a gel for hold where the curls lasted for only a few hours. This time, I knew it could take me through a whole week but I had to wash the hair. Ok, let's move on to how to create yours.


I mixed in a little oil into the gel so that the hair doesn't get crunchy after take down. It also adds shine to the hair.
I sectioned the hair into four; using clips. Taking each section, I created further subsections, applied some gel to a section at a time and twisted. When it got to the ends, I swirled it around my fingers to avoid unraveling.
I diffused it for a while and left it to air dry.

I think this will cure my tendency to comb the hair several times a week. I love the curls.


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