Preparing for that Special Day (Graduation Time!!)

I know we have all had times when we had a special occasion to attend, be it a wedding,graduation, a formal event and any other special occassion. We have our dresses, our shoes and other ornaments ready. But for some reason, we dont know what to do to our hair especially when its natural.

So for my graduation, I knew, I definately did not want to put on a weave or braid. I just wanted my hair and only that. But then, what to do, what to do? Twist out?, Twist?Braid outs?Flat iron?

So 3 weeks to the day, I started trying out styles since I had my cap and gown. I watched a couple of videos but I still wasn't satisfied.

I did a blow out. But I was thinking.What if it rains that day? The meteorologists in Ghana are not very reliable, you know ?.

In the end, I settled for a simple slick low bun, perfect for the weather because it even rained that day.

I did a blow out the night before, gelled the hair into the bun and scarfed. The next morning, I just regelled my baby hairs and and that was it.

Some tips for you.

1.Try out a couple of formal styles during you free time.


2. Settle on go to style especially for formal occasions.

Viola!!! I have absoluetly no worries the next time I have another formal occasion.
Love you Divas!!!


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