Product Review: Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo

For my friends who want the written version, just scroll down; below the video!

Full name: Crème of Nature Sunflower and Coconut Detangling shampoo

Price: 10gh at a shop around Gbewaa junction, East Legon on the American house –Legon route
How I used It
First on pre-pooed hair: I used it to shampoo the hair after pre-pooing with oils. It left the hair pretty clean, no squeaky clean results nor dryness
In diluted form: I mixed it with some water  and shampooed without pre-pooing. It didn’t leave my hair dry nor squeaky clean again
Undiluted form: This time I used it directly on the hair without pre-pooing and I still had great results with it. The hair felt very moisturized

As a detangler
 I used it to detangle my hair after taking out a braid. I mixed it with a little oil and made detangling very easy. If you’ve been following our facebook page, then, you would know about hair care process my sister-in-law and I went through after she took out her corn rows after keeping them for 3 months. I mixed the shampoo with some oil and the detangling process was a breeezzzeee. It saved us  from detangling nightmares!

Note: It does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate but I don’t really mind since it works well for my hair!

On the whole, if you have problems with dryness from shampoo, you can try this product.



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