Realistic Expectations for 4C (Coarse) Hair

As someone with the 4C hair texture, I found jouelzy's video very educative. I do know that a lot of ladies fear to go natural because of this kind of texture but is it really that bad? 

4C natural hair by nature can not be forced to be what it can't be. What happens when you purchase a curl cream and all you get is a hot mess? Is it really that difficult to manage 4C natural hair?

No! Watch and share what you think!


  1. Growafricanhairlong6:03 pm

    how is your transition going on?

  2. Growafricanhairlong6:11 pm

    she is so right, all hair is not the same and will definitely not behave the same when natural. i think most ladies go natural imagining that it will be all curls which is not always the case but either way it is still beautiful even when the curls are not defined.

  3. Yolanda Grunewald10:12 pm

    im a new follower! & i watched and enjoyed this video too, even though i dnt think my hair is 4C


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