How I Manage My Regimen

--> If you missed my post on how I manage my hair care products, then, kindly check it out.  I know we are accustomed to hair dressers attending to all our needs thus we tend to complain of our inability to do our own hair. However, the advent of hair care videos and blogs/websites have revolutionized the reliance on hair dressers.
I have developed a system to manage my regimen for each process of my hair care:
  •  Shampoo wash
Most of my washes are on Fridays into Saturdays since am mostly at home by 4pm on Friday and available on Saturday morning by which time I’d have dried hair
  • Co-washing
 Rather co-wash if I don’t have the time to go on the roller coaster of wash days! I get clean and fresh hair for the week. My conditioner washes are done when am taking my evening shower so its two in one wash. To get the hair to dry by the next day, I cover with my trusted black t-shirt for as long as possible to get rid of excess water.
  • Styling

 Have emergency hair styles. I use buns, clips or pins for an updo when am in a rush or too tired so I stock up on these things regularly.  I don’t set flexi rod or perm rods after co-washing since it won’t get dried by next morning. If I want a style that requires definition, then, I do chunky twists which get totally dried by morning.  However, If I want a set on already dried hair, I simply make the hair slightly dump and do the set. See my curly afro video for how I do that! My hair sets ie rollers, rods are done if I have nowhere going on the Saturday so I have that style for the coming week. I don’t do setting lotions so my sets dry pretty quickly even at the salon. Moreover,I air dry 90% of the time so I go about my chores.
  • Moisturizing and sealing (m&s) Mainly, I m&s at night so I can take my time to nourish the hair. My mornings are then saved! In the night, If am too tired to moisturize and seal, I don’t do it! I’d rather leave my hair alone than do a shabby work and suffer for it later! I make sure I have my shower cap on for the night to ensure that I keep the little moisture I have.
  • In the morning, if am running later or in a rush, I don’t do it! I simply bun/clip or tuck and roll (see my post on how I do the tuck and roll) since that protects the hair against the weather; I do the M&S at night to make up for it.

How do you manage your regimen?


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