How To Prepare Your Hair For Harmattan

I have a post on the best protective styles for harmattan and 3 tips for harmattan. In today's post, I rather want to focus on how to prepare your hair for harmattan so you won't have any need to stress over your hair.

These tips are what I also intend to do though some are applicable to those with longer hair than mine. 

  1. Baggying your ends at leat three times a week will provide the ends with moisture. My hair isn't long so I rather fold the ends into the pony to protect it. By December, I'll be using the baggying method too. You can also use green house effect to provide moisture for your hair. The  September 2016 challenge is green house effect so join it. I'll be wearing  cornrows beneath my wigs but will still make use of Green  House Effect for optimum moisture. 

  2. Get your moisturizing and sealing game on right  now ! I've discovered the Cantu sheabutter gel oil as a very moisturizing oil for my hair so I won't be dependent on the Cantu sheabutter lotion all the time. I want to reserve the lotion for when the hair gets longer and needs to be hydrated rather than waste it now. The ends are the oldest part of the hair and need the most attention and since mine isn't a hassle yet,  I will just focus on the whole hair. 

  3. Find a good moisturizing shampoo,  conditioner and deep conditioner. In harmattan, protein won't be a necessity - moisture is the key. 

  4. Get a braid spray if you intend wearing braids and weave ons. You can create your moisture spritz too. 

  5. Increase water in take. I'm getting a bigger bottle to ensure I remain hydrated all the time. 

  6. Hydrating  mist. I've set my eyes on the Sheamoisture mist and some other hair mist to provide moisture in the course of the day. A spritz here and there will keep the moisture levels high. Any recommendations too? 


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