How I Use Facial Serums Daily

I didn't title this how I layer serums because I hardly do that.  What I do is to work with each serum on different days. The only serum that fits in all the routines is the Hyaluronic acid.
The Hyaluronic acid

I use this after cleansing and the Thayers   toner

I spray a face mist before going the Hyaluronic acid and then allow it to dry.

I use the Niacinamide after the HA and allow it to dry before I follow up with jojoba oil.

Vitamin C Serum
I use The Ordinary vitamin c  suspension 23% +HA.  I use this at night after cleanser and toner. I mix the hyaluronic acid with it and apply it.  The reason is this serum is too gritty to work with during the day. See my review Here

Lactic Acid
This is what I use as an exfoliating serum. The Ordinary lactic acid with HA is very mild for my skin. I use it about once or 2x a week after cleansing and toner.
How do you use your serums?


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