One Month Ayurvedic Mist Update

For the past four weeks, I've been using a mixture of about 6 Ayurveda herbs as mt moisturiser before using any oil

The preparation of the mist isn't that tedious and the smell is very mild. The two main changes I've noticed about my hair are:
1. Faster growth : Haven began with 1/4 inch hair as at mid June, the growth I have now is about 2 inches! I intend using the mist from June, 2021 to December 2022 to be able to hit armpit length. 

2. Softer, more hydrated hair: The blend of the Ayurveda herbs means I'm deriving maximum benefit from each herb. 
One of the herbs that boost moisture is kelp powder! To be able to keep the moisture levels even as rhe hair grows in will allow for easy styling and less breakage. Keeping dryness at bay is crucial in reaching at least full neck length by end of 2021!

I also want to join in the one year protective style challenge in the hair group hence I need all the length by end of August. 


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