10 Relaxer Stretch Tips

Getting that long and healthy relaxed hair requires planning and journnaling your regimen. Relaxed hair thrives on a lot of practices that require time hence you need to determine what will work for you.

1. Plan the hair style you will be wearing to minimize manipulation and make wash days less stressful. 

2. Plan the products you'll need such that they are protein and moisture balanced. You'll need to prepare your products down to help you reach out for them when you need them. Don't wait till you are struggling before you go searching. 

3. Keep your hair moisturized even if you braid or weave it up. When strwtving your relaxer, breakage is the last thing you need. 

4. Cut down on weekly wash and stretch the washing to once every 2 weeks in order to prevent tangles and knots if possible. Less manipulation, less frustration. 

5. Do more green house effect to keep the new growth soft and manageable. 

6. Work in sections from washing to styling to limit tangles and knots. 

7. Do more hot oil treatments to soften the hair, which makes washing easier.

8. Do protein treatments at least twice a month to strengthen the hair and especially the line of demarcation.

9. Don't miss out on using hair bonnets. That prevents loss of moisture at night. 

10. Don't go over board with the stretch. Relaxer Stretch should be beneficial not detrimental to your hair. Once you feel stressed about it, end it. However, be sure to do at least 10 weeks.

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  1. What is green house effect

  2. Please can throw more light on green house effect?

    1. The method simply consists of using a shower cap to create a warm moist environment in which your natural body heat causes increased blood flow and your pores to open up for your hair to grow.


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