Can You GROW Your Edges

Haven seen a lot of progress with my edges, I've decided to extend the challenge to the blog.

The rules are quite tough but not impossible Lol.

1. No braid, No Weave, No cornrows. Absolutely nothing except wearing buns which you should also vary. The essence is to stay away from any tension on the edges.

2. Don't relax your edges until the end of the challenge.

3. Apply hair growth oil daily on the edges. You can also massage with a scalp brush. Growth oils include chapter 2000, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil etc. You just need to use something for growth.

4. Last rule is we'll check in every week on Saturday. Just comment on the edges growth post that will be published on Saturdays. Post your starting pictures in the comment box. On the LAST DAY of every month, we'll share progress pictures.

Here are starting pix.


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