How To Prepare Rice Water Rinse

Rice water is all about  using what you have in your kitchen to grow your hair. Here's how to prepare rice water rinse to help with 




Hair growth 

Remember that rice water is a protein treatment hence you shouldn't abuse it. Start off with using it as a rinse to see how your hair responds to it. 

Secondly, if you wish to use ot as a leave in conditioner, be sure to start off with once a week to gauge how your hair feels after use. Sometimes, just once a week is enough to strengthen your hair. 

In addition, if you are using rice water, take care not to use protein deep conditioners often in order not to have protein overload. Let your moisture based products be your go to products. 

The type of rice you use depends on you. Some use black rice, long grain etc. You may experiment with the type of rice to find what suits you or works better. 

Using rice water isn't the only thing that will make your hair grow faster! Your regimen should be a good one. 

Note: When you apply to the hair after conditioner, you may choose to either rinse out with water or leave it in. Experiment with both to see what works. If it leaves your hair had, rinse it off or apply right afyer shampoo and then follow with the conditioner before rinsing. 


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