How To Retain Length In 12 Weeks

This is going to be a simple breakdown of 5 things you can do each week to retain length.

Tip 1 
Aim for a low manipulation style. I'm not all about extentions and low term protective styles if your hair is past shoulder length. It allows to you deal with your hair at least once week to give it better treatment. For naturals, you may not need to wash weekly but bi monthly wash will do your hair more good. 

Tip 2 
Consider hair mists to keep the exposed parts of your hair moisturized. When I wear buns, the exposed hair gets drier whilst the rest of the hair stays soft. Using a hair mist will compensate for the moisture loss. 

Tip 3
Deep condition your hair. You can do the double step - protein deep conditioning, followed by moisture deep conditioning. 

Tip 4

Pay attention to the ends. Prwbent breakage at the ends of the hair. This part is fragile for the reason that it's the oldest part of the hair hence has experienced more exposure.

Tip 5
Protect your hair at night. Using bonnets have been essential in stopping dryness which helps to stretch the time period of moisturising.

Hope these are helpful. Don't forget to check out @emprezzglamhub on instragram to get your hair products. 


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