Relaxed Hair Care Regimen On A Budget

College -{University, Polytechnic,Nursing or Teaching Training College}  is where the most hair changes (and hair experiments) tend to take place. But college can also be a good start for a healthy hair regimen. Need help with relaxed hair care on a college budget? Try this simple relaxed hair care regimen and styling tips for the college bound.

1. Have a budget in mind. Right from the onset, you can make a list of what you'll need for the semester. If you wish to wear extensions, you can then a braid spray and hair oil will be a great addition to your regimen. This will keep your hair moisturised until you take down your hair style. Choose what you need only. Wanting and needing are two different concepts. What does your hair need? If you are looking at wearing your hair during the semester, the basics are shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and hair mask with oil for your sealing. These are basics. Any other product will be an addition, which isn't necessary.

2. Plan your hair styles. Can you keep your extensions for 4 months? That's certainly a recipe for disaster. Can you wear buns only for 4 months? Decide on how you'll style your hair during the semester. That eases the pressure to visit the salon all the time.

3. Plan your relaxer stretch. It's safer to touch up when on holidays therefore time your relaxer appointment to coincide with your vacation period. That's a better way to pay attention to your hair.

4. Find a good stylist right at the beginning of the semester. If you are new on campus, you can the first few weeks are less stressful and provide an opportunity to scout for salons. If you choose to wash weekly, you will be sure to have your own products until you are certain of the quality of their products.

5. No experiments. Being in school is it the time to try new products and hair styles. Stick to what you know. You can't afford to spend hours on reversing damaged hair.

Hope these tips are helpful. Leave a comment and share what has been working for you.


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