Growth Aids: Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 Growth Serum

I went to a cosmetics shop to purchase some flexirods for my friend. As I skimmed and scanned through the hair oil section, I found Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 Growth Serum.

What The Product Promises:
Olive Oil 4 in 1 Growth Serum designed with botanicals like Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil, Arnica Montana and Capsicum Annuum along with other ingredients to prevent hair breakage, revitalizes the hair & scalp, promote & stimulate the hair growth. It is excellent for weaved, braided, relaxed and permed hair.
Arnica montana 
According to, Arnica montana  is the only type of arnica with medicinal properties and is the type used in many herbal remedies including many hair care products.The use of arnica extract in hair conditioners and oils is used to rejuvenate the scalp and also to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn will strengthen the hair and keep it from falling out prematurely. Arnica extract may also help to prevent premature graying of the hair.
Capsicum Annuum : Besides cayenne pepper, people also call the fruit of Capsicum annuum chili and bird peppers. 

 ***  The serum smells like an inhaler. If you want to give it a try, contact me for directions to the shop.



  1. Stella Nyadzi11:12 am

    Can you do your review of this product? Tried only one bottle and have no plans to purchase again...maybe i was!!

  2. ghanaianemprezz4:24 pm

    I will. I'll get it done over the weekend. I did enjoy using it on my new growth though.

  3. Hello Empress, is this good for natural hair?

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