How To: Shampoo and Condition Relaxed Hair Properly

How can you shampoo and condition relaxed hair without causing damage? Relaxed hair doesn't necessarily have to be washed at the salon all the time. You can wash your own hair in the shower and style it afterwards. 

To wash your hair, it may be a bit tedious the first time but with time, you'll get the hang of it. When washing, remember to be gentle in order not to cause breakage. Watch and Learn from crystalroselove (I use a similar method in the shower).

PS: For those without shower heads, pour the water from your shower pail in the same direction to avoid knots and tangles.


  1. I love CrystalRoseLove's channel! Great advice! (found you on BLM Girls Facebook Page!!)

  2. Thanks dear for dropping by! She's one of my favourite youtube vloggers.


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