Financial Literacy In Hair Care

I become envious whenever I get to read on products available for ladies in,especially, the US. Apart from the fact that there seems to be an abundance of hair care products, they tend to be very affordable.

Ordering for products into this country can cost three times the product price. The cost of shipping is enough to buy ten products for someone living overseas. Coupled with this problem is the issue of the unavailability of paypal services in Ghana which makes it difficult to make purchases. Visa cards and debit cards have charges that are, sometimes, twice the price of the product you are purchasing.

With all these challenges, it is important to have a level of financial literacy when caring for hair in this country. What will cost 1$, is about 10Gh which is quite on the high side. This means you have to take advantage of sales promos such as the one I posted on Gossip Train:#2. If you take advantage of this promo, you'll have enough cheap conditioner to tweak up for detangling as well as co-washing. Your expensive one can be used on your wash days.

Another solution is to rely on homemade products to beat the cost. With the abundance of sheabutter and African black soap as well as the herbs we have ( Herb In Ghana , creating your own stock of hair products can go a long way to easy the financial stress that comes with acquiring products.

Another solution is to go easy on the products. My coconut oil was bought a year ago and I know it will last till December. My one year old leave will get empty by the end of August. The only thing I spend on is a conditioner. With the current  stock I got from BO-16, I know I wouldn't be buying one for a long time!!

Spend wisely!!



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