Why Your Hair Is Hard After Black Tea Rinse

As an avid reader of hair articles, am always eager to find solutions to stuff that don't turn out well when I want to practice what I read. Tea rinses have come to stay yet the problem lies with how the hair responds to each tea. The most common tea, the black one, seems to give most ladies a hard time by causing the hair to be hard and stiff after application. Well, I think I've found an answer to that! It's not about deep conditioning after use but rather the type of deep conditioner to apply and why.

In a recent article by JC of naturalhavenbloom.com discussing scientific reasons to use tea rinses, she made reference to the presence of amino acids in tea.
 Amino acids – Stengthen Hair
Theanine is an amino acid that is unique to tea. A recent study showed that a purified extract of this amino acid could penetrate fully through to the hair cortex of bleach-damaged hair after a 10 minute soak at 30°C (Surface and Interface Analysis, pp 562-565, 2010). The study was designed to complement a previous investigation that related theanine to improving the mechanical strength of bleached hair. Even if your hair is not bleached, it is possible to accumulate damage to the cortex due to styling and combing as well as normal weathering. A tea rinse could be considered as a very mild protein treatment.

We are aware of what follows protein treatment and the fact that some people's hair tolerate mild protein without the need for moisture treatment but for someone like me, the slightest hint of protein requires a generous dose of moisturizing deep conditioner.

Armed with this information, I will make sure to use moisturizing deep conditioner whenever I do a black tea rinse. I may use it before a protein treatment so the moisture treatment works to restore the moisture at once.

I'll start my tea rinses after my next touch up but will infuse them before that time and keep it refrigerated. I normally use a 1 litre bottle so the tea can last for weeks. That saves time and allows for easy application whenever I want to.
I'm looking at mixing different teas; camomile, green, black, ginger, and other herbal teas.
What is your favourite tea rinse.
Read more about tea rinses here


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